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Napoleon Dynamo
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Developing a strategy for tackling computational design can be quite the challenge. At BuroHappold Engineering, we strongly believe that every engineer has a contribution to make to computational design—not just the few with a deep understanding of coding. We’ve developed a global strategy based on this concept, and would like to share the outcomes and challenges that we faced along the way. During this session, we’ll review how we teach Dynamo to our engineers, via our robust Dynamo training program. We’ll also review ways to ingrain computational design in a company culture through hackathons and mentoring. Finally, we’ll review ways to organize scripts, and look at how to implement them in project work.

주요 학습

  • Learn how to construct a Dynamo training program strategy
  • Learn how to create a computational culture within your company
  • Learn how to develop a script library that your team will actually use
  • Learn methods for project-specific script creation and implementation



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