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BIM for Hotels: Revit Automation for Rule-Based Spaces
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If you've ever designed the zoning of a building, any building, you know that functionality of spaces can be more important than anything. The more standardized operation and maintenance is, the more organized are the set of rules you have to take into consideration. Examples have been given in the past regarding stadiums, airports, and terminal stations. Generative design is the way of translating into computer language that which happens in your mind: a set of conditions that needs to be respected in order for your project to work. A hotel room is one of those distinctively rule-based spaces—there are a group of standardized key factors that govern its exact configuration. Once you determine those rules, you can use them to create the framework for a rapid generative exploration of alternatives, highlight discordances rapidly between brief expectations and the given boundaries, and check and double-check your ideas against operational routines. This class will show you how. This session features Revit Architecture and Dynamo Studio. AIA Approved

주요 학습

  • Learn how to translate the design process into a Revit parametric project
  • Learn how to deal with design rules via Revit formulas and Dynamo scripting
  • See an example of model generation
  • Learn how to real-time check your project against a set of standards



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