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Hands-on Lab    CR1506-L-P
Construction Modeling in Revit Structure: Tips and Tricks for Construction Utilization
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Construction and engineering professionals get hands-on training on how to transition from a LOD 300 to LOD 350 model for enhanced construction utilization. This lab and panel discussion demonstrates how to take full advantage of Revit Structure software models using parts and assembly tools, rebar, parameter strategies, and advanced families to extend BIM into construction using Navisworks® Manage software to schedule, estimate, and use the Revit Structure model for shop drawings. We discuss the value of the engineering model and potential for contractors to use it in planning, sequencing, animation, location, detailed shop drawings, fabrication, and estimation. This lab features a Tilt-Up construction project example.

주요 학습

  • Use vital engineering modeling tools that assist in estimation, fabrication, and construction assembly
  • Explain how construction firms can take advantage of the engineer's model beyond traditional 4D animation and 5D estimating tools
  • Take advantage of advanced techniques and strategies to easily control the engineer's model effectively
  • Explain how engineering and construction firms can work together for mutual benefit-finding synergy


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