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Best Practice—Managing Inventor iPart/iAssemblies in Vault PDM
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Vault software products specifically support Inventor software’s iPart/iAssembly factory and member file management. This class will have practical examples that will illustrate and unveil the secrets from basic file management tasks up to advanced workflows like partial revision of families. Experienced Inventor software users and product data management administrators will learn recommended setup and configurations to capitalize on the full capabilities and benefits managing and consuming component families. The class will discuss file structures, setup of family tables, and the implementation of file and item numbering schemes for family members. Follow considerations and implementation scenarios to drive CAD and item bill of materials. Another important aspect is to manage component families over larger periods of time. Get introduced to revision management and all file management tasks like rename, move, and copy. We will also cover Inventor file migration for vaulted families. This session features Vault Professional, Inventor Professional, and Vault Workgroup. AIA Approved

주요 학습

  • Discover best practices defining robust and rich iPart/iAssembly factory definitions
  • Learn how to optimize your Vault configuration to manage component families
  • Learn about revision management of iPart/iAssembly factories and its member files
  • Learn best practices to rename, move, copy, and migrate component families



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