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Pick Your Own Adventure —Fusion 360
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In this interactive class, the audience will steer the workflow to direct the instructors in completing Fusion 360 designs. At different points in the design process you’ll be able to vote on different design steps, driving the design process yourself. At the end of each section, we’ll step back to review the decisions you made and cover the pros and cons of each choice in Fusion 360. Some of your choices may lead to success; others may lead to the failure of your entire product line. Through this story, you’ll gain confidence for building your own designs and driving your design workflows the best way possible.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to choose and execute the most-efficient and future-proof modeling practices
  • Discover the most useful processes for assembly design in Fusion 360
  • Learn how to choose the most-beneficial methods for collaboration during and after a design
  • Choose a workflow in Fusion 360 that goes beyond modeling to other advanced environments like Autodesk Generative Design or Autodesk Rendering



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