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3ds Max Design Software: 3 Rendering Techniques for Users of Inventor Software
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This lab will demonstrate 3 different easy-to-use rendering options available with 3ds Max Design software. We will use an Inventor software model as a source example, but you could apply these rendering options to any other model supported by the 3ds Max Design software importer. First, we will render the model using the mental ray rendering machine's daylight system, which is one of the default rendering options. Secondly, while using one of the 3ds Max Design software sample files, we will render the model in a lighting studio setting. Finally, we will show you a simple way of loading a high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) image to use as base lighting and background for an image (similar to a Showcase software environment dome). This lab is intended for Product Design Suite software users who have a basic knowledge of 3ds Max Design software and would like to gain intermediate knowledge of rendering options. We will discuss the strengths of the mental ray and NVIDIA iray rendering engines and clarify when they should be used in production. This will be a fast-paced lab that concentrates on rendering knowledge.

주요 학습

  • Learn how to render an image in 3ds Max Design software using the mental ray engine's daylight system
  • Learn how to render a photorealistic image of an object in a studio setting
  • Learn how to load an HDRI image to use as lighting and background for your object
  • Learn how to adapt your scene for both the iray and mental ray rendering engines


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