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Control and Program a Real Robot by Manipulating Its 3D Model Using Forge
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Come and see a demonstration on how to use the Forge Viewer to visually control and program a real robotic arm. Using cloud technologies, this is possible from any part of the world where you have an Internet connection. We'll go through all the steps necessary to achieving this, including modeling a real robotic arm into the 3D world using Fusion 360 software; preparing the 3D model for in-web-browser visualization; and connecting the real robotic arm to its 3D model. Using the Forge Viewer, we can customize the experience with controls necessary to manipulate the robot (both the real and the virtual one). This proof of concept could be easily transferred to industrial robots and other machine types for visualization, remote diagnostics, and even manipulation.

Key Learnings

  • See how a real robotic arm was brought into a 3D world, through modeling each component and assembling using Fusion 360
  • Learn how the Forge Model Derivative API is used to prepare a 3D model to be visualized in a web browser using Forge Viewer
  • Learn how Forge Viewer could be customized with controls for 3D model manipulation
  • Learn how to connect the real robotic arm to its 3D counterpart in Forge Viewer and remotely accept and transmit behavioral instructions




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