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Behaviors 201 for Padawan Learners
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Especially designed for the young Padawan learner—this is Vault software Behaviors and how to use them. The force is not required as a prerequisite to this class, but is highly recommended. The main focus of this class is primarily using Vault software Behaviors and does not cover administration (it takes a Jedi Master to learn those skills). This is the second of a series of 3 Vault software Behaviors classes focusing on using categories, lifecycles, revisions, and properties. After this class the next step of your journey to becoming a Jedi Master is to seek out the class, Behaviors 301 for Jedi Masters. Note: The use of light sabers is strictly prohibited during class.

주요 학습

  • Discover how categories drive the initial behaviors of objects
  • Discover how to use behavior change commands
  • Discover how lifecycle changes affect other behaviors
  • Learn how to interact with properties both manually and automatically



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