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Blended Reality: atoms to bits, in between, and back again
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Don't get left behind. This class will peek into the future of innovative new technologies that will change the way you work. Join us as we share our HP Blended Reality vision that spans 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Immersive Computing, and Mobility. In addition to our view of tomorrow, we will help you enhance Autodesk Design Suite workflows today with new NVIDIA rendering technologies, new workstations-class hardware solutions from HP, and a few simple workstation recipes for performance optimization. You will leave this class armed with the knowledge and tools you need to work faster in Revit, load larger assemblies in Inventor, work with massive point clouds, run AutoCAD from anywhere, ‘fly’ though your InfraWorks fly-troughs, and create breathtaking cinematic renderings with ease.

주요 학습

  • Latest advancements in HP 3D printing, computing, and user interaction technologies
  • New NVIDIA hardware and software rendering technologies
  • General guidelines for Autodesk workstation configuration
  • Performance tuning for Autodesk software



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