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Revolutionary Change in an Evolutionary Culture: A Case Study of BIM for Ananda Dev
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This class will review a case study of Ananda Development Thailand and its journey of Building Information Modeling (BIM) transformation driving innovation across both its own company and an entire network. The class will look at many of the leading initiatives that Ananda Development has been working toward, and the process of review, process, and change to deliver a BIM system comprising of design and construction requirements that are driven internally, but delivered across a group of more than 20 consultants and contractors. The class will discuss the strategies Ananda has implemented to transform its business with other business and quality initiatives, as well as how the company has persuaded all its partners to embrace BIM. Ananda has developed a strategy of inclusion and structured development of all parties, and it will share insights and strategies to assist all attendees. This class is a must for anyone driving BIM for design and construction within and outside of their organization. This session features Revit, BIM 360 Glue, and Navisworks Manage. AIA Approved

주요 학습

  • Understand the processes for implementing BIM successfully
  • Learn how to develop an inclusive and structured BIM system
  • Learn how to strategize a road map for the development and implementation of BIM
  • Define the requirements of BIM within an organization



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