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Fusion 360 Strategies for Bridging Between Digital and Physical Models
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This class will show the use of FUSION 360 CAD software and captured reality programs such as MEMENTO and RECAP to create and refine models by moving between computer and physical environments in an easy and efficient way. By combining computer software with model making, capture-reality imaging and 3D printing, designers can easily navigate between physical and CAD models. This class will show examples of models that are quickly generated in Fusion 360 software and then 3D printed so that they can be tested and adjusted in the physical world. Once the models have been improved physically, they are captured by programs such as Memento and ReCap and brought back to Fusion 360 software, where they can be updated and finalized. The workflow covered in his class is dynamic, fun, and perfect for product development!

주요 학습

  • Learn how to use Fusion 360 for early concept development and well as for design definition
  • Learn how to combine tools in the A360 and 123D product families, taking advantage of their intuitive and effective workflows
  • Learn how to quickly move from conceptualization to testing and refinement by using CAD, model making, 3D printing, and 3D scanning
  • Learn powerful tools in Fusion 360, including Edit Form, Import Mesh, Pull, and Crease



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