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Virtual reality for mobile: How to create realistic environments with millions of polygons
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Watch, experience, and understand how it's possible to create realistic environments and architecture with millions of polygons that can run on a mobile device. This class will offer a deep explanation of the real worlds we need to recreate, and how to decide between modeling techniques, lighting systems to advantage of the mobile devices capabilities. The first part will unveil the power of the techniques, showing in real time how a mobile device can handle a huge street and a detailed store with millions of polygons. The second part will start with a brief analysis about the sort of information we need to create a huge environment suitable to be transformed into virtual reality. Professional pictures, or mobile cameras? Photogrammetry? When and how? We'll cover all the details you need, and questions you have. Finally, we'll look at the incredible tools in 3ds Max to handle all sorts of big data, and to optimize it for mobile and virtual reality. You'll walk away with an actionable approach for current and future virtual reality systems.

주요 학습

  • Understand how low-level lighting and modeling techniques will help you achieve highly realistic environments
  • Get knowledge to decide how to model photogrammetry, retopology, and primitive and poly modeling in 3ds Max
  • Get experience from the company in charge of the largest database of virtual stores in the retail industry
  • Experience virtual reality in mobile devices with high numbers of polys




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