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How to Manage Design Validation Priorities
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Design evolution means that the concept of intent will change. Where contractors are concerned, the application of software tools to perform in this environment poses new challenges. Contractors are increasingly put to task in order to maintain the construction schedule in this changing environment. However, doing so in an environment of repetitive design changes have become more complex than ever. Small changes can have large impacts with regards to the ripple effect to other systems and the exponential resources necessary to maintain, update coordination, and reschedule the “new” current version of the design concept. These impacts can amount to a significant part of the project’s administrative budget. Understanding the use of software tools and the impacts to resources are now more important than ever. This course will cover the use of software tools to assist in design validation based on priority and change management.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to time priorities
  • Learn how to define the contract in terms of priorities
  • Discover the balance between priorities and schedule
  • Learn how to manage the BIMs in terms of priorities



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