Product Briefing    CS323692
Autodesk Construction Solutions: Managing Risk Through Prediction and Analytics
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Autodesk Construction Solutions delivers unified data, analytics, and reporting capabilities for architecture, engineering, and construction customers. In this session, the Autodesk Product Management Team will review the recent enhancements to the prediction and analytics capabilities, share priorities for our product road map, and have a live question-and-answer discussion. Come and learn about the Project Home, Insight Dashboards and Reports, Card Library and Dashboard Customizations, Partner Cards, and Data Connector. We’ll also review the advancements in Construction IQ, our machine-learning and AI functionality that automatically analyzes data and helps identify and prioritize daily risk. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with the Autodesk Data Team, share feedback, and get your questions answered.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the prediction and analytics capabilities of Autodesk construction solutions
  • Learn about the top priorities for our project home, insight dashboards, reports, construction IQ, and data platform
  • Learn about how you can use the prediction and analytics capabilities to help manage risk in your projects and company
  • Interact directly with the Autodesk Data Team, and provide feedback and get your questions answered



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