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Using Autodesk CFD in the AEC Industry for Sustainable Design

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    In this class, we will cover applications of Autodesk CFD Simulation software for sustainable design in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. You will learn how Autodesk CFD is used in the AEC design process. We will cover case studies involving the following: energy-efficient ventilation design for a large sports stadium facility; indoor thermal comfort using energy-efficient displacement ventilation for a large convention center foyer occupied by people; wind-loading analysis to simulate wind pressure and resultant structural loading on an airport façade and roof; and optimization of storm-water roof-drainage design using free surface flow. You will learn how the air flow and thermal simulations capabilities of Autodesk CFD are used to demonstrate performance for sustainable design.

    주요 학습

    • Learn airflow and thermal simulation capabilities in Autodesk CFD.
    • Discover modeling and simulation techniques for energy-efficient ventilation design of occupied spaces.
    • Learn strategies for modeling and simulation of wind flow and rain flow on an airport building.
    • Explore relevant results from Autodesk CFD for sustainable design.