Building Engineering
Roundtable Discussion
What does Sustainability mean for Engineers?
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トピック: Building Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Mechanical Design, MEP & Structural Fabrication, Structural Engineering and Design


This market is anticipated to reach $103.08 billion by 2023. Engineers can help improve everyone's welfare, health, and safety by working on sustainable projects. Sustainability is a broad term that covers many concerns. We are here to learn about engineering sustainability. Explore the obstacles and how to overcome them in everyday Engineering procedures. Our goal is to improve collaboration for more sustainable design, construction, and operation. In this session, industry thought leaders will discuss how to achieve more sustainable methods for early, predictive, and thorough analysis for validation and verification workflows. The team's environmental impact will undoubtedly increase as they adopt more sustainable methods. We will identify and discuss the obstacles to successful stakeholder collaboration and communication. This event will culminate with a data sharing session to help you develop strategies when you return to your workplace.


  1. Prepare for sustainable standards/parameters for design analysis study.
  2. Define what sustainability means to Engineers
  3. Deliver sustainably with a cross industry process
  4. Gather and Collect data that will help your organizations sustainability journey