Building Engineering
Technical Instruction
Visual Information for MEP
クラス ID: BES501427
製品: Dynamo Studio, Revit
トピック: Building Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Design Visualization, Model Coordination


Extend mechanical and electrical quality checks by creating visualizations that help identify potential design issues and increase the quality of information communicated in a view. Often, the focus of views in a Revit stays on documentation, but Revit enables us to generate layers of visual information about building systems. We will look at ways to visualize data natively available in revit, as well as using Dynamo to create new data relations that can enable a custom visualization.


  1. Implement Color Schemes for Ductwork and Piping to identify system connectivity and potential design issues
  2. Implement Circuit connectivity checking using Filters
  3. Extend system parameters with Dynamo to create an Airflow Density map
  4. Build Dynamo script to generate Plenum Depth Map for early stage coordination