Research Through Fabrication: Evolving the Practice
クラス ID: AS500306
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トピック: Future of Work, Industry Convergence


For centuries, the practice of architecture has involved an “apprentice” working under the “master builder” gaining experience in tandem with responsibility. This mentorship focused on documentation, construction proficiencies, and working with one’s hand to learn from the experts in each trade. Overtime, our industry and technology have progressed to a point where the apprentice is no longer getting a hands-on experience.
As our industry progresses, design excellence has pushed us to meet a higher level of performance. The architect is required to increase the level of precision, think outside the box, and has immense opportunity to further the built environment in both the digital and physical realm.
By sharing each of our experiences in different-sized practices, we will identify unique challenges, highlight successes, articulate the importance of “making”, and strategize ways to implement change within an architectural practice through fabrication.


  1. Articulate the value of research and fabrication culture in an architectural practice.
  2. Understand and describe how to evolve the architect’s ‘tool kit’.
  3. Identify opportunities within an architectural practice. i.e. How to bridge the gap between architect and fabricator.
  4. Develop a strategy to embrace change and positively affect our built environment through research and fabrication.