Industry Talk
Part repair simplified with Fusion 360 additive toolpaths and Cobots


Additive and subtractive hybrid manufacturing techniques, such as Directed Energy Deposition (DED) combined with machining, can be an incredibly effective technique to repair used and damaged parts. Avoiding the need for new parts reduces material usage and waste, by extending the life of existing parts. This is possible thanks to the combination of known manufacturing processes and novel software workflows recently made available in Fusion 360. Building on established subtractive capabilities with new additive toolpaths in Fusion 360 allows these processes to be simplified and available to a wider audience. Cobots are safer and simpler to operate than traditional industrial robots, making the process accessible to a wider audience. This talk will describe how Fusion 360 toolpaths can be generated and run on a collaborative robot to deposit weld on a part


  1. Create Multi Axis Additive Manufacturing Toolpaths
  2. Post process a toolpath to run on a robot
  3. Create hybrid workflows in Fusion 360
  4. Insight into the setup of an industrial robot for additive Toolpaths