Instructional Demo
Fusion 360 for Industrial Robot Arms and Additive Manufacturing


This Instructional Demo is a sequel to "Learn the Rules, then Break them: Fusion 360 for Industrial Robot Arms" from AU 2020. Fusion 360 now offers a simple workflow for programming industrial robot arms. Anyone familiar with post-processing machine code from Fusion 360 can now create robot code in the same way. During this lab, users will use the manufacturing space from Fusion 360 to generate generic robot native code that can drive industrial robot arms for the application of additive manufacturing or material dispensing. First, we will show setting up an additive toolpath in Fusion 360. Then, we will cover exporting code into a virtual robot simulator for validation. The course will then pivot to recordings at Autodesk Technology Centers where we will explain how to define various coordinate systems localizing the robot arm and show operation for large format additive manufacturing. We will demonstrate examples of 3D printed parts using both an ABB Robot and an Universal Robot.


  1. Set-up manufacturing space in Fusion 360 to post-process Robot code for additive manufacturing or material dispensing
  2. Test and validate posted Robot code from Fusion 360 in a virtual robot simulator
  3. Identify various coordinate systems of the industrial robot arm and define tool data and work coordinate system
  4. Demonstrate robot operation and material dispensing utilizing industrial robots and extruders.