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Hands-on lab    PD20790-L
iLogic Design for Success
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The iLogic component of Inventor software is a powerful tool that you can utilize to automate the design process, improving efficiency and quality of work. This hands-on lab will look at the ability of iLogic to automate the design process, making it easier for end users to create designs. In this class you will create iLogic Rules and code that will turn an Inventor software model into a “Design Master Model” to churn out many different variations of the “Design Master Model” for production / manufacturing use. We will touch on API code to generate user parameters and code structure that will automate the design by reading data from an embedded spreadsheet. At the end of this class, you will be able to apply the principles learned to generate ideas to automate designs for your company. This session features Inventor Professional.


  • Explore the reasons to automate designs via iLogic
  • Learn how to use API to generate user parameters
  • Learn how to utilize “Do While” loops in iLogic programming to automate the creation of multiple parameters and parts
  • Discover the power of using an embedded spread sheet in tandem with iLogic