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Revit for MEP Fabrication: The Process from Start to Finish
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This class will teach MEP subcontractor attendees how to use Revit software for MEP modeling, coordination, and fabrication. We will start by setting up Revit products and Fabrication Parts content, go into modeling strategies, discuss add-ins, and finish with producing coordination drawings and spooling drawings. Having developed this service from scratch, this class will offer a unique perspective on the process from start to finish. This class aims to demonstrate the utilization of both Revit and Navisworks Manage software in developing these construction drawings for a simpler workflow in the field, as well as a more cohesive coordination process. We will discuss modeling strategies utilizing various Revit add-ins to ensure efficient workflow, reducing rework in the coordination process. We will also discuss utilizing Fabrication CADmep software in the development of custom Revit fabrication parts. Finally, we will learn about the various types of drawings that are utilized most readily in the field.


  • Learn how to utilize Revit MEP Fabrication parts and assemblies to create various shop drawings to be utilized in the field
  • Understand workflow strategies to use Revit throughout the entire MEP subcontractor process
  • See a demonstration of Fabrication CADmep being used to develop custom Revit fabrication parts for each project
  • Learn about third-party Revit add-ins that can facilitate faster workflow in the creation of accurate 3D models