Industry Talk    CS322048
How Clayco Is Implementing BIM 360 Build: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned
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Clayco has been using BIM 360 Field software for more than 10 years, and in the last few years, the firm has migrated more and more of its projects to the BIM 360 Build platform. Today, 95% of Clayco’s projects are actively using this new platform to exchange design drawings/models and to conduct quality and safety inspections. This class will discuss in detail how Clayco is implementing BIM 360 Build in terms of the current successes, ongoing challenges, and lessons learned over the course of the firm’s adoption. A key part of Clayco’s implementation has been working closely with Autodesk and providing them with feedback on specific BIM 360 Build features, functionality, and end-user workflows and requests. This class will also focus on how Clayco is tracking the effectiveness of its implementation through end-user feedback and quantitative/qualitative metrics using Microsoft Power BI. This session is a follow up to last year’s Autodesk University class ("Bridging the Gap from Office to Field Using BIM 360").


  • Discover the importance of having a very tight feedback loop with all stakeholders, including Autodesk
  • Learn about specific methods to track the effectiveness of BIM 360 Build adoption
  • Learn about the importance of clearly communicating current workflows and procedures to project teams
  • Learn about the importance of implementing without having perfect procedures in place