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Hands-on Lab    SM3257-L
Simulation for Designers, Not Doctors! (No PhD Required)
Autodesk University
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In this hands-on lab, you work through the process of creating and using Sim 360™ Pro cloud service for simulation and Autodesk® Simulation CFD software to generate engineering data for the designer throughout the product development process to optimize your design. I demonstrate that you do not need to be an analyst to use the Simulation software as many engineers believe today. We walk through the entire process of setting up and running the simulation and examining the results of heat loss and thermal transfer before examining the real-world effects on the design as we drop our consumer goods.


  • Gather the relevant information to change the path of the design early in the project
  • Create a usable design study of the product being engineered
  • Export the results of the simulation process in using a clearly understood method
  • Take your design through many stages of the simulation solutions that are available with Autodesk products