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Creating Cohesion with BIM 360 Glue: Bridging the Divide Between Office and Site
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BIM 360 Glue software has revolutionized the way site and office teams collaborate, removing barriers to successful Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation and driving BIM adoption at all levels on the project. The intuitive nature of BIM 360 Glue software has enabled Hansen Yuncken to overcome the technical divide with its site teams and subcontractors, developing a motivated workforce to become more active in the BIM process. This session will look at 2 specific case studies and the workflows implemented to harness site teams’ involvement in the collaboration and coordination process. It will cover some of the core features and how the software was used in the field to coordinate trades and contribute to quick and practical design resolutions. There will be an overview of enhanced workflows, and we’ll look at how to gain greater efficiencies by utilizing the streamlined integration with Revit software and Navisworks software for greater collaboration and downstream use during construction and commissioning phases.


  • Discover the core features of BIM 360 Glue and its application to Site Teams
  • Learn how to develop structured workflows to better support all project members requirements and a collaborative environment
  • Learn how to integrate Navisworks and Revit as part of an enhanced collaboration and review workflow
  • Discover the opportunities in using the model during construction and commissioning phases