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Extending Inventor Frame Design with Robot Structural Analysis
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Utilizing the Frame Generator within Inventor Professional software, we will open a machine support structure to demonstrate an improved workflow for design. First we will suppress the machine model elements and then we’ll modify the frame to show how to improve timeliness of the analysis. Next we will perform a quick frame study within Inventor Professional software for the natural frequency and stress analysis. Then we will push the model directly to Robot Structural Analysis software to do some advanced analysis and loading. Finally, we will discuss optimization of the support structure. Throughout the presentation the discussion will focus on how to design a “stout” structure while not wasting time or material. This workflow will prove to be repeatable and efficient back at the office.


  • Learn how to design more-efficient structural machine supports and still have them be stout
  • Learn how to create better frame generator models for analysis within Inventor
  • Learn how to extend Frame Analysis beyond Inventor Professional for more complicated loads and analysis
  • Learn how to perform frame member size optimization based on loading and performance criteria