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Seamlessly Integrating CAD and BIM Standards for AEC Projects
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If you listened to all the grand predictions a decade ago, you’d think the only thing we’d be doing is modeling everything in 3D. But that reality hasn’t come to pass. The CAD manager and Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager have to know how to get everything to play nice, capitalizing on the power of BIM tools while making sure the 2D work that’s still required is completed correctly. This course will take a look at key settings and work methods, beginning with a comparison of national CAD versus BIM standards. Next, we’ll examine tips for making CAD files such as templates work better in a BIM environment, and then move into sharing files both ways—correctly. The last item examines how to alter the CAD interface to follow BIM tasks, making it easier to move back and forth easily between the applications. Taking this information-packed course will help you maintain your 2D sanity while moving the Design Team forward with today’s 3D modeling tools—so sign up early and often.


  • Compare National CAD Standards with National BIM Standards
  • Discover key setups for CAD and BIM templates for smooth sharing
  • Learn how to import and export guidelines for 2D and 3D files—both ways!
  • Learn how to alter the AutoCAD CUI to better emulate the BIM environment