Industry talk    RC21903
BIM-BAM! Capture Reality and Get to BIM in a Single Day.
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Understand how to save time and money with improved accuracy and confidence from your site investigation efforts, allowing more time for design. Understand how to choose the best reality capture technology and workflow to capture the right site conditions for your design.  Choose the best workflow based on your project limitations and how Autodesk applications like ReCap 360, ReMake and 123D as well as other Automated Feature Extraction applications like ClearEdge 3D can reduce the time it takes to get to BIM and design.

Key Learnings

  • Planning Site Investigations for BIM Projects: Common types of Reality Capture hardware and software technologies
  • Site Time is Precious: Capture only what you need on-site and identify the ideal workflow for your project
  • Back in the Office: Key Features of Reality Capture Software Applications like ReMake and ReCap 360
  • The Reality of the Future: The ever expanding world of Reality Capture