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Managing What Your LISP Routines Manage
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Writing AutoLISP code is one thing, troubleshooting it, and restoring the system “back to normal” when crashes occur while troubleshooting can be a headache. Take this class and take away your headaches. Learn how to quickly get things back to normal. Learn how to use lists to your advantage – I mean, LISP does stand for List Processing! Learn how to create your own error routine to set things back the way they were before your fancy new program crashed and burned. Crashing and burning is part of the process of getting a new time saving routine off the ground – this class will make those crashes less painful. This sessions features AutoCAD. AIA Approved


  • Use lists to store system variables that the program will modify.
  • Create your own custom error routines.
  • Write shortcut routines that put things back to how they were.
  • 4. Understand more of the subtle nuances of how LISP works.