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Creating a Pulse Oximeter: Utilizing the Cloud to Prototype in EAGLE and Fusion 360
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Today’s smarter products require multidisciplinary levels of engineering. Converging the electrical and mechanical portions of a design is a critical stage in the product development process. Design teams must have an effective bidirectional electronic CAD (ECAD) / mechanical CAD (MCAD) collaborative environment. This class will introduce the first-ever cloud-connected ECAD-to-MCAD workflow between EAGLE software and Fusion 360 software. By creating a pulse oximeter, this class will showcase the workflows of creating a printed circuit board (PCB) and assigning 3D models to the electronics in EAGLE. The PCB will be live linked into Fusion 360, where an enclosure will be built around the PCB. You’ll learn strategies to ensure serial ports and LCDs are built into the enclosure. The class will demonstrate the power of cloud connectivity by making changes to the board layout, and showing how the live linking works parametrically with respect to the enclosure. We will then perform thermal validation of the board in a Fusion 360 thermal simulation.


  • Discover the electromechanical workflow between EAGLE and Fusion 360
  • Learn how to make changes to designs of schematics or 3D designs and update a PCB
  • Learn how to use the cloud connectivity between EAGLE and Fusion 360 to parameterize a PCB enclosure based on changing PCB components
  • Learn how to validate your results in the Fusion 360 Simulation environment