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BIM Support for the Construction Project from a Supplier’s POV
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Building Information Modeling (BIM) not only has an impact on designers, but it also impacts suppliers of construction products. Today even suppliers are required to provide digital content for a BIM model. Hilti Corporation has developed a seamless integration of their products into AutoCAD software, Revit software, and Inventor software. The second evolution is then the provision of tools for automatic placement. Based on a linked setup and own developed plug-ins for Navisworks software, Revit software, and AutoCAD software, Hilti has created an expert tool for the market. But it’s not only during the design process that the supplier can support digitally. With the integration of construction information already during the design process and export tools for AutoCAD software and Revit software, the simple exchange to jobsite tools can be achieved. The class will show how a customer can use detailed content from Hilti. Furthermore, we will give an inside look into the automated solutions found by using the Hilti Button. We will conclude with the best support for the execution by bringing information of a BIM model to the jobsite.


  • Discover the possibilities of project detailing in an early stage
  • Discover the use of automation tools for detailing
  • Discover the workflow to automatically integrate product solutions into the design
  • Discover the best practice to link the design with the construction site



How Construction Suppliers Can Contribute to the BIM Process
How Construction Suppliers Can Contribute to the BIM Process