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InfraWorks 360—Solid Workflows for Concrete Bridge Design
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This class will cover the use of InfraWorks 360 software as a bridge modeling and design tool in the context of a wider transportation project, and we’ll explore a number of solid workflows to other bridge design and modeling products. You will learn not only how to model concrete bridges in InfraWorks 360 software, but also how to make use of the Line Girder Analysis cloud service to quickly validate the girders against different design standards and to establish the required prestressing. You will learn how to simply open up the corresponding analytical model directly in Structural Bridge Design software for further refinement and to carry out more-detailed analysis and design checks. You will learn how to open up the InfraWorks 360 model in AutoCAD Civil 3D software to carry out further refinements to the site and create alignment drawings that include the bridges. You will also learn how to create a Revit software model with a single click from the InfraWorks 360 model in order to add rebar and create structural drawings. This session features InfraWorks 360, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and Revit.


  • Learn how to identify workable bridge designs at early project stage
  • Learn how to produce structural calculations for concrete bridge beams
  • Learn how to quickly model bridge structures in the context of a project landscape
  • Learn how to use Revit to develop an InfraWorks 360 bridge model, add rebar, and create structural drawings