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Getting the Right BIM in the Job Site: Approach and Tools of Vinci Construction France
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Every major general contractor wants to embrace digital construction in the right way. This class will explain how VINCI Construction France-a general contractor employing 22,000 people in France that started its move to Building Information Modeling (BIM) almost a decade ago-has perfected its preconstruction approach, and how it is bridging the BIM gap to the job site. This course will detail the strategy designed by VINCI to preconstruct Revit models that can be useful for job-site purposes, and how custom tools and interfaces have been developed to ensure the right communication between the BIM preconstruction team and the work-front team. The main goal of this class is to show how digital construction can be a reality, and look at how it affects quality, productivity, and innovation for the industry.


  • Understand the challenges of digital construction and how it affects the job site
  • Learn how to create good preconstruct models to be used on the job site
  • Discover innovative tools developed by Vinci Construction France to enhance job-site BIM communication
  • Understand the data needs and production of a contractor job site