Lecture    AB3079
Managing the Construction Administration Phase in Autodesk® Revit®
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The Construction Administration (CA) phase of a project has always been a complicated process. Once you rely on a model to create the construction documents, what used to be a simple change may affect many views and details. When it comes to the CA phase, we think this is bad. We start asking, “Do I make the changes directly in the model? What if the changes are not approved?” The answers are not straightforward. If you have a change that does not get approved, then you must revisit the change and undo it in the model. It may take some work but it does have to be done. Due diligence is a must, but who is doing this due diligence? It is important to do some upfront thinking on the process and talk to your team about how you are going to go through it. This class will show you some methods that have been tried (some that are working and some that are failing miserably) and how to avoid failures during the CA phase.


  • Use the Freeze Drawings command for creating as-built sketches
  • Sketch title block options to view portions of a sheet
  • Describe options for creating changes during the CA phase of a project
  • Use various design options during the CA phase