Industry Talk    CS124432
Revit to Autodesk CFD Workflow—Best Practices for the Real AEC Industry Examples
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The issue of taking architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) models into simulation software is becoming a hot topic in the industry as companies are starting to include simulation in their Building Information Modeling (BIM) efforts. This class will describe the workflow involved in going from a full Revit model to Autodesk CFD results, providing a set of tools to modify, simplify, and customize our Revit model so the transition and the setup is optimum. Then, it will describe how to set the actual model in Autodesk CFD, analyze results, and take the relevant design decisions to optimize our designs. The workflow will be based on real examples from the AEC industry, stressing the importance of following best practices to reduce project time and costs. The class can be taken as documentation and a great set of tips and tricks to take models from Revit to Autodesk CFD for future AEC projects. It is important to note that a Revit expert (Mathijs Van Baal) will be a co-speaker to fully cover all aspects and questions that may arise from our talk.


  • Learn how to recognize a set of tools for customization of a Revit model to launch into Autodesk CFD
  • Learn how to use the toolset provided to modify other models in an optimum way
  • Learn how to apply best practices to set up an AEC model in Autodesk CFD and analyze results
  • Have this class as documentation for future BIM projects