Lecture    CV6906-P
Rapid Energy Modeling with InfraWorks
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This class will cover the results of a pilot project between Autodesk, Inc., and the City of Vancouver. The project used InfraWorks software as a platform for rapid energy modeling. Rapid energy modeling is an efficient simulation process used for working with minimal and, in many cases, already-available city building data to quickly generate energy assessments. The ability to visualize and analyze at a range of scales, from the block to the neighborhood, assists in developing strategies to achieve sustainability objectives. We will present the most successful workflows and interoperability workflows between InfraWorks software and other Autodesk tools and services. Equally important, we will review the role of InfraWorks software as a public-engagement tool for energy and built-form issues, presenting complex data and issues in an accessible environment.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to explain to others the importance of rapid energy modeling
  • Learn how to outline the most successful ways to use InfraWorks software as a rapid energy modeling platform
  • Learn how to select the key data needed for rapid energy modeling success
  • Strategize how to use InfraWorks software for public engagement