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Transforming Construction and Improving Efficiency Using BIM 360
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This session covers the QA, handover, and live tracking procedure developed by John SISK using BIM 360 with the integration of QR codes and augmented reality system. The idea behind the process developed in our project based in Wembley (London) is to link each of 743 flats to a unique QR code. Using BIM 360, we were able to link an unlimited amount of information to each flat. The first segment of information linked to each of the flats includes all the related drawings produced by each of the consultants. We developed an integration system between For Projects (our CDE) and BIM 360 Field so we are able to access the most up-to-date drawings on-site. This integration has generated a reduction of 44% of paper used, whilst giving certainty to the use of only Status A drawings. We have linked all the QA checklist that currently we carry out for each flat, in total 17 different types. The iPad used to carry out these checks has been modified with a proprietary software and deep sensor lens which enables the augmented reality (AR) to be used on-site. In all the MEP related checklist we added a mandatory check for AR, and each site engineer/manager used the system to live check if the installation is conforming with the 3D model produced by the MEP contractor. Any issues spotted will be documented in BIM 360 and raised as issue to the subcontractor. SISK is currently working in partnership with the AR company to develop a direct link, which will enable the issue to be raised directly from the AR app. The final categories of information that we have linked include the handover forms for each status of the flat. This makes it possible to automatically inform the next subcontractor of when they will be able to start to work in a particular flat. If not issues have been found, the handover form will automatically inform the flooring contractor when they'll able to start to work in that flat. All the above information is cross-related to our handover program, where each flat has the information of the proposed handover date as well as the actual handover date. This gives us the opportunity to be able to monitor the handover status. The information stored inside BIM 360 has been linked to Excel and Power-BI, so we can have a live tracker of each flat. Using this integration we are able to customise the output information as we desire, for example, from the Project director (who receives high level information), to the block manager who will only receive information re

Key Learnings

  • Integrate innovation into construction
  • Improve efficiency
  • Use live tracking status
  • Use augmented reality for QA checks