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Hands-on Lab    CI10339-L
Modeling Complex Geology in AutoCAD Civil 3D
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The class will use the completely revised Geotechnical Module within AutoCAD Civil 3D software. The class is aimed at expert users who want to learn how through standard AutoCAD Civil 3D functionality they can mould and manipulate surfaces to model geology. In this hands-on lab you will learn how to model multiple geotechnical lenses and pockets of geology. The class will take you through the steps required using standard AutoCAD Civil 3D software to create feature lines that will be used as breaklines and boundaries to almost magically model the geology. You can use these methods over and over again to model a wide range of subsurface geology. You can ultimately use the model geology surfaces within Building Information Modeling (BIM) as is, or you can convert them into AutoCAD software solids and use them in a wide range of software.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create a geotechnical project and import data
  • Learn how to create and position feature lines correctly
  • Learn how to use break lines to model geology
  • Learn how to use boundaries to only show specific areas of geology