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Roundtable    CS322877-R
Workflow Management using BIM for Prefabrication
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The demand for the construction supply chain to improve productivity and to meet compacted schedules with decreased budgets has led to substantial industry focus in automated construction techniques and enabling workflows. Off-site prefabrication of construction components has become a key factor in the improvement of labor productivity and increase quality on construction projects. Schedule and budget constraints can often be met through the effective use of prefabrication introducing overlaps in schedules and offsetting labour into controlled environments. Much of these savings has shown to come from the introduction of economies of scale and repeatable tasks and assemblies. BIM responds to the overall decline in construction productivity as compared to other industries. Efforts made in the field of manufacturing to automate processes and workflows are being introduced into the field of construction using LEAN theory and interjection of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) techniques.


  • 1. Learn how BIM helps in improving prefabrication workflows
  • 2. Know about the various tools, which help in collaboration of stakeholders, hence making Project Management easier.
  • 3. Get informed about the ongoing BIM practices in the field of prefabrication.
  • Learn when is it the right time to prefabricate