Industry Talk    AS225870
Using Drones, Laser Scanning, and InfraWorks to Get Design Buy-In
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This class will examine a case study on how Truescan3D combined the use of drones, laser scanning, and InfraWorks software to assist in gaining community support for a one-mile trail project, the Mill Creek Trail in Cincinnati, Ohio. With the local community lacking the funding for the full project survey and engineering drawings needed, Truescan3D performed a combination of drone imagery and laser scanning on the proposed project site. This process provided the design team with a detailed map of the site in a fraction of the time required when using traditional methods. This information was given to the civil engineer to create a trail design. Once the preliminary design was complete, Truescan3D used InfraWorks to develop a model and fly-through to gain design support. The presentation team will discuss the process of field reality capture, creation of the design model using InfraWorks, and how the community benefitted from the use of technology on this project.


  • Discover how field data is captured and combined using both a terrestrial laser scanner and a drone
  • Understand how to use InfraWorks to assist with design modeling
  • Comprehend how design technologies can be combined to provide value to owners and communities
  • Discover the time savings and increased safety of using reality capture instead of traditional methods of data collection