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The Future of BIM Will Not Be BIM—and It's Coming Faster than You Think
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In this discussion, I will be so bold as to make predictions as to where I believe our industry is going in the next 3 to 10 years. With advancements in generative design, software algorithms, and robotic construction, our current processes are going to be changing quite a bit. We will see more and more done by computers and machines than we have ever seen. Rather than Building Information Modeling (BIM), we are going to see Building Information Optimization. In contrast, rather than manually drawing walls, doors, and columns for what we think is a good design, we will feed the computer "rules" instructing it to give us a building’s optimal footprint, structural load capacity, and thermal performance. Things that took months will be done in a day. What does this mean for you? How do you play a part in this changing process? Come to find out how. This is sure to be an exciting and enlightening discussion. This session features Revit and Autodesk Within. AIA Approved


  • Learn what trends and technologies are coming to our industry
  • Learn how algorithms and robotics will drastically change the design/build process
  • Understand how these new processes will affect you directly and indirectly
  • Learn how to best prepare yourself and your firm for these changing processes


The Future of BIM Will Not Be BIM and It’s Coming Faster Than You Think
The Future of BIM Will Not Be BIM and It’s Coming Faster Than You Think