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Apple of My Eye: Customizing AutoCAD for Mac
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AutoCAD software is a particularly extensible program, and that ability lets you alter the interface to suit your needs. This customizability isn't just altering where buttons are in the toolbars, but easily adding commands to both buttons, as well as to the menu bar. While AutoCAD for Mac software doesn't quite have all of the capabilities of the Microsoft Windows version, creating macros, adding commands to the menu, and utilizing basic LISP routines are all capabilities we can capitalize on in AutoCAD for Mac. This class will review how to use the CUI to add commands to the toolsets and menus, how to alter and add custom tool panels in the toolsets, and how to load LISP routines so they're accessible every time you load a drawing. We'll even learn how to write a few basic LISP routines to get you started.


  • Learn how to create custom buttons with macros
  • Learn how to add commands to the drop-down menu bar
  • Learn how to load LISP routines
  • Learn how to move and create tool panels in the toolsets