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Lecture    CI2302
Vehicle Grounding Checks for Large Vehicle and Load Maneuvers in 3D
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When OMNNI Associates, Inc., an engineering consultant based in Appleton, Wisconsin, discovered that they were required by their DOT to provide ground conflict analysis for oversize, overweight (OSOW) vehicle movements, they contacted Savoy Computing for advice. At the time, Savoy was modeling vehicle turning paths in 3D on surfaces but had not incorporated conflict analysis. Over a number of weeks, Savoy worked closely with OMNNI to understand the requirement and learn precisely how designers would like to see the solution work. Savoy then developed a tool that analyzes the vehicle's path across a 3D surface in seconds and reports ground proximity contours, locations of critical points of ground conflict, and nearest points of conflict as well as automatically creating cross-sections at all critical locations. This class discusses the issues identified by OMNNI and shows how Savoy AutoTrack can be used to perform 3D ground conflict analysis in either AutoCAD® or in AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software.

Key Learnings

  • Describe the issues identified by DOT due to grounding of abnormal loads
  • Use a simple solution to carry out 3D vehicle grounding analysis using a third-party add-on
  • Explain why 2D swept paths are not the complete solution for abnormal load route planning
  • Model large abnormal vehicle maneuvers