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Pre-conference Session    CBW227910
Build Custom User Interfaces and Interactions for Dynamo
Autodesk University
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Up and Running with MVVM form Dynamo Extensions. Never heard of a View Model? Not sure what Model-View-ViewModel means, and why MVVM has so many V’s in it? This developer workshop will get you ready to program your own creative extensions for Dynamo, by first helping you understand the structure of Dynamo itself. We’ll introduce WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for making a GUI, and we will implement the MVVM design pattern to list and save keyboard shortcuts. Then, we will see the same design pattern in the Dynamo source code, albeit at a much more complicated level. Finally, you will integrate your keyboard shortcut dialog into Dynamo itself using the extension framework. We’ll improve the user experience in Dynamo, speeding up graph development for everyone.


  • Learn how to build an extension from scratch
  • Work with other Dynamo developers
  • Learn how to build Dynamo from source
  • Build community