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Civil 3D Caffeinated Grading
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If you really want to step up your grading game, then this is the class for you. We will be uncovering some of the most creative ways to grade your site that you haven’t seen before. We designed our proven workflows to remain flexible over the lifecycle of a project, despite the inevitable changes that occur during the design process. The first half of the presentation will cover corridors from feature lines. While this may seem basic, we will share several tricks that can dramatically reduce the time needed to produce a highly detailed site. The latter half of the class will take things to the next level, so please try to keep up. We will demonstrate how to utilize profiles generated from a plane surface to produce our site. Most attendees may be unfamiliar with this, but we are confident you will want to go back to your room to replicate it immediately after you leave this demo. This is a highly energized class, so come prepared to be caffeinated.


  • Learn how to use feature lines from corridors
  • Learn how to manage feature lines from corridors
  • Understand plane grading and its long-reaching benefits, from conceptual to detailed design
  • Learn how to use unseen profiles and attach them to corridors for design grading