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Revit to Inventor: BIM Exchange for Custom Fabrication Hands-On Lab

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    This lab will provide an opportunity for customers to get hands on with the new “Revit AnyCAD” functionality in Inventor 2021 software. We will cover some of the theory of why BIM (Building Information Modeling) is important to building product manufacturers and custom fabricators, and level set on our existing BIM exchange tools. We will then work our way through a four-part example use case for referencing Revit data. We will cover some basic cleanup of the model in Revit software, test what we can do with the data in Inventor, marvel as changes made to the Revit model update inside of Inventor, and round-trip the Inventor model back into Revit.


    • Learn how to create a simplified view in Revit in preparation for referencing the Revit project into Inventor.
    • Learn how to reference a Revit project file into Inventor to design in context.
    • Test the ability to update the Revit file, and consume the update inside Inventor.
    • Learn how to round-trip the Inventor file back into Revit.