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Next-Level Visualizations with Revit Advanced Materials

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ビデオ、プレゼンテーション スライド、配布資料のキーワードを検索する:


    Clients and stakeholders increasingly expect compelling and realistic imagery. Thankfully, the tools to achieve these results are getting easier to use. Come to this session to learn how to capitalize on Revit software’s advanced materials and new realistic mode, and Enscape’s real-time rendering engine to develop stunning still images, lively on-screen presentations, and immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences. This session will cover topics ranging from creating custom materials to managing shared libraries and more.


    • Learn about the improved quality possible with provided advanced materials.
    • Discover the difference between legacy and advanced materials.
    • Discover the new parameters and what they do.
    • Learn how to manage and share material libraries within a design firm.