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Acquiring assets from the real world using ReCap and 3ds MAX

ビデオ、プレゼンテーション スライド、配布資料のキーワードを検索する:


    This session will discuss and demonstrate how to capture and recreate a real-world scene using Autodesk’s ReCap and 3ds MAX. This technique can be used for Architecture, Engineering & Construction uses as well as for Media & Entertainment. It contains three sections: Part I: Intro from 3ds MAX team on new features available and “coming soon” to support such work. Part II: 3D Artist, Stefan Ivanov, will show a scene recreated from a private chateau in France, provide high-level step by step on how he created it, as well as tips on how to get the best results. Part III: Team Intel will talk about the best technology tools to drive this workload. Visit Stefan’s YouTube for further technical details. Visit to learn what’s coming up for 3ds MAX. Learn more about Intel’s workstation at


    • What's new on 3ds MAX for the related workflow.
    • Understand the scan-to-mesh workflow.
    • Learn tips and tricks on achieving the best result.
    • What Intel-based workstations are recommended for such workload.