juin 1, 2020

Vote for Your Favorite AU 2020 Proposals and Submit Your Own

AU speaker

Call for Proposals for this year’s digital AU experience is open and going strong. Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far.

If you’re planning to submit a proposal but haven’t yet, now’s the time. Community voting is open. That means you can give a thumbs up to the proposals you’d like to see become classes at the digital event. It also means many proposals are already racking up the votes, so the earlier you submit your own proposal, the better. This year, you’ll be able to see the name of the prospective speaker who submitted the proposal. As well, new proposals will be made available for voting each week, so check back often.

Head over to the community voting page, search by topic or industry, and take a look at what’s come in. Which topics resonate with what you want to learn? What workflows could give you an edge in your day-to-day? Which innovations are showing the way forward for your industry? And what speakers from previous AUs would you like to hear more from? You can only vote for each class once, but you can vote for as many classes as you want.

Community voting is just one of many factors that we consider in selecting classes, but it’s an important way for us to get input from the AU community.

Call for Proposals closes June 22 and community voting is open through July 13. Submit your proposals and cast your votes.

Thanks for being part of the AU community. And thanks for helping us create an extraordinary global digital learning experience this year.