Technical Instruction
Non-Rectilinear Surface Modeling Created Natively in Revit
ID du cours: AS501829
Produit(s): AutoCAD, FormIt, ReCap Pro, Revit
Sujets: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Design Visualization, Digital Transformation, Model Coordination, Quality Management

Description de la session

Where do you draw the line between importing complex geometry and creating it natively in Revit? The adaptive modeling features are not intuitive and can scare designers away from the program. In this session, we are going to tackle the undefined modeling constraints for complex non-rectilinear surfaces and look at how to overcome it. We will show when it is a good time to use interoperability workflows and compare it to starting your complex modeling process in Revit. With real world projects, we will show examples where we have used these techniques to challenge ourselves and created incredible work that has significantly benefited the bottom line. There will be like for like comparisons between similar model elements from the two workflows covering file size, usability, parametric ability, and data rich systems.

Objectifs de la formation

  1. Create complex geometry natively in Revit
  2. Compare similar workflows
  3. Identify better modeling solutions
  4. Build usable elements to improve downstream coordination

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